"ITV and Kaleidoscope have worked together for many years in sharing knowledge and information about ITV's rich broadcasting history and ITV have donated archive materials to Kaleidoscope to help assist with their endeavours in preserving and exploring past british t.v programming. The in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm that Kaleidoscope possess, is a valuable resource not only to the broadcasting and production communities but also to anyone interested in this important area of our culture."

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About Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is a Birmingham based organisation specialising in locating previously missing, believed lost, television footage and coordinates ITV’s Raiders of the Lost Archives campaign through its website at www.lostshows.com.

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Have you got a question, discovered a long-lost piece of television history or need footage for your next production? These are just some of the many queries we handle daily. You can contact us here.

Kaleidoscope Resources

Kaleidoscope makes freely available a number of valuable resources for researchers and those interested in the history of British television.

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Kaleidoscope Music Event – Saturday June 7th – Talbot Hotel – Stourbridge

It’s the return of the big one! The Kaleidoscope Music Event for 2014 is back at The Talbot Hotel, Stourbridge on Saturday 7th June at midday. Here’s the full line-up.

Lost BBC 1959 play found!


Missing Believed Wiped… in the Heart of the Midlands

Saturday 5th April 2014 2.00p.m. to 7.30p.m. The Talbot Hotel, Stourbridge Session 1...

A Salute to Thames – The Line-Up – March 1st

From 1968-1992 Thames Television led the ITV network in its London-based output. A Salute to Thames is a tribute to Thames Television, a great company which remains a strong brand for production in 2014.

50 Years Ago: How much old television is forgotten?  by Billy Smart

The first question that I necessarily ask myself when deciding upon case studies for the ‘Forgotten Television Drama’ project is, “Can I accurately call this programme forgotten?”

The opening moments of TSW…. by Simon Winters

As one of the first major ‘finds’ of 2014, Kaleidoscope have uncovered a miscatalogued master tape recording of the original station opening of former ITV franchise holder – TSW (Television South West). It is thought to be the only known recording of the broadcast.

Kaleidoscope Events Diary for 2014

The current schedule for Kaleidoscope events throughout 2014 is as follows:

Mad Movies

Bob Monkhouse was widely known as a comedian and game show host, but behind the public face was a man who had many interests.

Top of the Pops

It was never intended to be the success it became. The 1960s was littered with regional pop shows with the same acts often treading the path to each new area of the UK. Southern had Time for Blackburn, TWW had Discs A Go Go. ABC had Thank Your Lucky Stars. The acts were good, but often chosen with a systematic pattern…

Celebrity Squares

Have you ever seen Bob’s Supersquares, The ATV Sunday Quiz or Bob and the Big Box Game? No, because they were all Bob’s own titles for a gameshow that began life in the USA as Hollywood Squares.