"ITV and Kaleidoscope have worked together for many years in sharing knowledge and information about ITV's rich broadcasting history and ITV have donated archive materials to Kaleidoscope to help assist with their endeavours in preserving and exploring past british t.v programming. The in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm that Kaleidoscope possess, is a valuable resource not only to the broadcasting and production communities but also to anyone interested in this important area of our culture."

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About Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is a Birmingham based organisation specialising in locating previously missing, believed lost, television footage and coordinates ITV’s Raiders of the Lost Archives campaign through its website at www.lostshows.com.

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Have you got a question, discovered a long-lost piece of television history or need footage for your next production? These are just some of the many queries we handle daily. You can contact us here.

Kaleidoscope Resources

Kaleidoscope makes freely available a number of valuable resources for researchers and those interested in the history of British television.